Why good photographs are essential for your e-commerce business

Images are powerful. They can tell a story, persuade, inspire, and much more. When used correctly, they can even help us to sell a product. For instance, adding a photograph can increase sale rates of a product right up to 30%.
When it comes to e-commerce, images are obligatory. Before buying, potential customers like to check out an image to get a first impression of the product. Taking the time to have high quality product pictures on your online store can have a big payoff. Good pictures answer questions and lead to more traffic and more sales.
So this text is about what makes great product photos.

Surroundings - It’s important to think about the surrounding because what is around a product matters more than you may think. It’s about two images, the background and the product, and how the product looks when placed in different settings.
When it comes to the background: Keep it simple. You want your product to stand out. It’s easy to get distracted by the background, especially if you have a small product.
Sometimes the look and feel of your business demands images with real-life situations. If you’re going for the hip and modern style it’s alright to have more complex backgrounds. Keep in mind, that one image isn’t enough by itself. You also need to offer close-up pictures so shoppers can see more detail.


Details Matter - People can’t touch or hold your product in an e-commerce store. They can only look at it. So the goal is to make the visitor feel as if they know exactly what it is like to touch and hold the product. This is especially true for clothing and any kind of mechanical tool.
The images should be taken from multiple angles, to show the product in as much detail as possible. Also if you want to make a 360-degree rotating image. Show every colour and have multiple shots of the product in use. The customer gets a good sense of what it looks like in a variety of situations.
Beyond the impression what you’re selling, people also want to see that you have nothing to hide. With clothing in particular, it’s important to show high-res images to emphasize you’re products are made properly and of good quality.

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Show the Product Being Used – It’s important to show your product working and being used. Showing your product “in action” lets the customer imagine the product as a part of their life which may lubricate the sale a little bit.


LightingDon’t underestimate the importance of lighting. In general we have to cases: Natural light can be the best choice for some products. It’s soft and imparts colour in a way that artificial lighting doesn’t. For some products, especially those with lots of detail, manipulating light sources may be a better option.